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Leg Fly Wraps
Set of two. Plastic net with insect repellant built in. Fuzzy at top and bottom to prevent irritation. Great for horses maintained in open paddocks or ...
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POP! Fly Trap Refill
Refill attractants are sold in single use pouches, allowing the trap to be reused over and over. ....
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UltraShield Green Gel 2oz
UltraShield Green Gel Natural Fly Repellent uses Geraniol and six fly-fighting natural oils to protect ears, face and other areas such as the underline ...
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Roll On Fly Repel
-Repels and kills house flies, stable flies, face flies and horn flies from sensitive areas of the face and head of horses and ponies ....
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Synthetic Sheepskin Repellent Mitt
Make applying insect repellents to your horse safer for you. Synthetic sheepskin is lined with plastic to keep insect repellents from skin. Elasticized ...
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SimpliFly™ with LarvaStop™ Feed-Thru Fly Control 10 lb.
Feed-thru fly control. Highly palatable feed additive to prevent the development of stable flies and house flies in the manure of treated horses. ....
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