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Fly Trap w/ Attractant
The RESCUE! POP! Fly Trap catches common nuisance or filth flies around the home and in agricultural settings. This trap is formulated to lure hundreds ...
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Fly Relief Trap
-Disposible fly trap bag ....
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Fly Stik™
-Contains muscalure, a scientific formulation of a naturally secreted fly sex pheromone that doubles its attracting power ....
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Fly Stick Jr.
The half-size Fly Stik™ Junior is 12 inches long ....
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Quick Bayt Fly Bait
America’s #1 selling fly bait. Attracts and kills flies. Standard particle size to redce dust. ....
Rescue Fly Trap
Inside the RESCUE! Disposable Fly Trap is a bait that flies find irresistible. This attractant is comprised of food and feed ingredients, and other food ...
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Big Bag Rescue

* Designed to handle areas with heavy fly concentrations
* Powder attractant is contained within the trap itself
* Attractant dissolves and activates ...
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