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Mouse Traps
The original wood-based wire snap trap, the VictorŽ Metal Pedal Rat Trap provides instant rodent control and is safe for household use. Trusted to control ...
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Rat Traps
Victor rat traps are easy to use and can either be reused or disposed of. ....
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Giant Destroyer 4pk
4 Pack, 2 OZ, Giant Destroyer Cartridge Rodent Gasser, Peggable, Kills Burrowing & Tunneling Animals Such As Moles In Their Natural Habitat, 2 Times Larger ...
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VictorŽ Rat Glue Tray --2 pack
Victor rodent glue trays are pre-baited and ready to use. ....
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Tomcat Glue Board For Mice Value Pack - 2 Pack
Tomcat glue boards capture mice without poison. The powerful adhesive holds rodents securely once they step onto the glue. Adhesive traps are ready to ...
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