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Plastic Waterer w/ Plug
A large, plastic, automatic waterer with included drain plug. ....
Product # 55004   Price: $58.49 Qty:
Float Assembly
For use on Miller float waterer. Easily installed. Contains washer, nut and float assembly.
Product # 55110   Price: $12.59 Qty:
Automatic Waterer
Constant float controlled water level. Fast, easy cleaning bowl with large drinking area. For horses, dogs, cattle, and other animals. ....
Product # 55250   Price: $39.56 Qty:
Pressuer Regulator for Garden Hose
Ideal for low-flow pressure control on foggers, sprinklers, agricultural, greenhouse, nurseries, commercial landscaping, poultry founts, horse waterers, ...
Product # 55372   Price: $9.89 Qty:
Pressure Regulator Pipe
Regulates and relieves pressure in automatic waterers to keep flow regular and constant. ....
Product # 55374   Price: $9.22 Qty:
Trough O Matic Float Valve - TM825T Features a rugged plastic case. Expansion brackets are included to fit wide rimmed stock tanks. Unique floating valve ...
Product # 55410   Price: $10.76 Qty:
Little Giant Automatic Waterer
These all-purpose waterers work well for horses, cattle, hogs and dogs. Safely operates between 10-70 psi. Constructed of heavy-duty cast iron with a ...
Product # 56780   Price: $67.49 Qty:
Over-The- Rail Waterer W/ Hose and Plug
Over the fence automatic rail waterer for horses, dogs, cattle and other animals. Includes hose and drain plug. ....
Product # 56920   Price: $65.47 Qty: