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Vet Notes for Horse Owners (Rev.Ed.)
Since 1877, Captain M. Horace Hayes’s Veterinary Notes for Horse Owners has been the standard work on equine health care, constantly up-dated to take ...
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Backyard Horsekeeping: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need
More and more people are enjoying pleasure riding to the point of wanting to own their own horse. And with the cost and distance considerations of maintaining ...
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The Foaling Primer: A Step-by-Step Guide To Raising A Healthy Foal
When itís springtime in horse country, few sights stir the hearts of horse lovers more than that of mares and foals on good green pasture. It is an image ...
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Navicular Syndrome
What exactly is navicular syndrome? This is usually the first question asked by horse owners after a veterinarian makes the diagnosis. This concise handbook ...
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Guide to Raising Horses
Whether you are an experienced horse handler or are planning to buy your first horse, this complete guide to intelligent horse-keeping covers all aspects ...
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