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Healing Tree WOW Green Spot Remover 32 OZ.
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WOW! Equine Mane, Tail, Sock and Body Whitener & Green Spot Remover
WOW! is a unique product for removing grass and manure stains, for turning yellowed tails, manes and feathers white and for restoring the natural color of light-colored manes and tails (Palominos, Paints, etc.). WOW! is NOT a bleach, a dye, or a stripping agent, nor a messy purple or bluing shampoo or coloring. Its natural brightening is due to proteolytic action and non-ionic bond separation, breaking the bond between hair and the protein of dirt, grime, urine, feces, dust, etc. that discolors hair, manes, tails, and equine feathers.