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Mirra-Coat 5lb
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Mirra-Coat Nutritional Supplement by Petag for skin and coat is a balanced blend of essential fatty acids, vitamins A, B6, E, biotin and zinc, formulated specifically to develop and maintain a healthy skin and haircoat. Mirra-Coat contains nutrients essential for the maintenance of normal skin cells. The formula promotes a pliable, moisturied skin that reduces dandruff and develops a glossy "show" coat. And horses love the taste of Mirra-Coat. They lick their feed buckets clean when Mirra-Coat is added to their feed. Because Mirra-Coat is fortified with only the nutrients required for skin integrity, it does not interfere with other supplementation of vitamins and minerals. For the first 2 weeks feed 2 scoops daily mixed with feed then reduce to a maintenance dose of 1 scoop per day. Each scoop measures 1 oz. The 5 lb pack will provide up to an 80 day supply for one horse on maintenance.