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Grand Hoof Pellets With MSM 5 LBS
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Grand Hoof Pellets offers several benefits over existing pelleted hoof products. It combines the well-proven Grand Hoof Formula with 5,000 mg Grand Hoofof MSM per serving, which provides essential support to the connective tissues in the equine foot. Our concentrated 1oz dose scoop vs. competitors? 6oz cup dose makes it easy to administer and saves money. Plus, we added Diamond V™ Yeast Probiotic to help improve feed digestability and utilization and also included a delicious apple flavoring for superb palatability. Studies show that horses with hoof problems respond to better nutrition within one to two shoeings; first you?ll see a new healthier band of hoof growth directly below the coronary band, but be patient, because it takes three to six months for the best results and almost a year for the hoof to completely grow out. Be assured that the potent hoof formula in Grand Hoof Pellets gives you the best and fastest results you and your farrier have been looking for.