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Omega Horseshine
Omega Horseshine is a premium Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acid supplement made with ENRECO fortified, stabilized, ground Flax. The Horse Journal’s: "Product of the Year!", "Our First Pick - Most Concentrated Source of Quality Omega-3", & "Recommended Immune-Boosting Product". Recommended by John Lyons Perfect Horse.

Omega Horseshine promotes:

-Healthier skin and added luster to the coat, plus earlier shedding
-Stronger, more durable hooves
-Less muscle soreness and stiffness, with shorter recovery time
-Benefit mares in gestation, lactation, and growth
-Benefit foals in gestation, lactation, and growth
-Support top performance
-Low NSC (4.4%), as recommended for IR/Cushings horses

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